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Maurice Lussier
"Mö, the Warrior Monk"
Head Coach
Extreme Zone Boxing Club

Diplomas and certifications:

Practicing combat sports & Martial Arts
since 1970

Quebec Olympic Boxing Federation
certified coach

Karate Black Belt

Aiki Ju-Jitsu Black Belt

National Coaching Level 1 and 2

Member of  Yudansha Kobujitsu

Member of Yoseikan World Federation

Member of National Endurance & Sports
Trainers Association

Member of Boxe Quebec

Member of Nintai-Ryu Aiki Ju-Jitsu

Member of National Coaching Program

Emergency First-Aid certification

Seminars attended:
National and International seminars given  by experts in their field:
Tsutomi Oshima, Hiroo Mochizuki, Tetsuhiko Asai, Yoon Oh-Jang, Rolland Maroteaux, Ron Yamanaka, Vladimir Vasiliev, Alain Floquet, Pascal Serei, Jocelyn Bourdeau, Alain Sailly, Larry Hartsell, Don Depree, Gabi Noah.

Intensive Training:
Hell Camp 1976, 3 days
Hell Camp 1977, 3 days
Hell Camp 1978, 3 days
Hell Camp 1982, 4 days


Nicholson Poulard
Coach - invited
Retired Professional Boxer

Diplomas and certifications:

Practicing combat sports since 1994

Silver Gloves Champion in 1995
Golden Gloves Champion in 1996
Quebec Champion from 1996 to 1997

Victory over Olympians Nick Farrel
(Ontario) and Mr. Orr (BC)

Member of the Canadian team 1998

Silver Medallist at the Commonwealth
qualifications in 1998

Pre Pan-American Games participant in

Silver Medallist Canada - Ireland 1998

Canada - France participation 1998

Sparring partners:
Eric Lucas, ex- WBC Champion
Joachin Alcine, NABF
Lucian Bute, NABF
Jean Pascal, Olympian 2004


Alexandre Lussier
Coach - Extreme Zone Boxing Club

Gold Gym Canada Boxing Coach

Diplomas and certifications:

Practice combat sports
since 1996

Coach since 2005, Alexandre is considered an excellent technician and possesses a maturity and an exceptional listening for his age.

Having evolved in combat sports since his childhood Alexander decided to pursue a career as a professional of physical activity. He is enrolled in the baccalaureate program: "Intervention in Physical Activity, Teaching Profile".

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