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What does a training session look like ?
At the beginning students learn the basics: position, punches, defenses and footwork combined with some non-contact boxing drills and shadow boxing. They also work their way through a variety of exercises: running, stretching, skipping, tossing medicine ball, pull-ups, push-ups, stomach crunches and heavy bag.

Once you have a command of the basics, it is time to move on to counter attacks, combinations, increasingly advanced pairing drills, pad work, speed bag and double-end bag that just might hit you back!

As you progress you will learn more complex drills, combinations and ring strategies. At this point, if you wish, supervise sparring and competition become a possibility.

Do I need to be in good shape to take the courses ?
Fitness boxing can be used to gradually improve physical fitness. Our training sessions are geared to fit individual health and fitness needs.

When can I join ?
Our club is open year round, and inscription take place daily !

How many times a week can I train ?
Please refer to the "Courses" section.

What type of membership do you have ?
Please refer to the "Courses" section.

Can I train without getting hit or hitting people ?

What about sparring ?
Any member in good physical condition can spar. A coach must always be present and he must feel you are ready to spar.

What about competition ?
As per the Quebec Olympic Boxing Federation you can compete until the age of 32.

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